Helicopter rides in Brighton

Experience a unique sightseeing tour of the beautiful Sussex coast and countryside or extend your tour to include London and Kent with our selection of amazing helicopter rides. Every tour ensures you have a spectacular bird’s eye view of some of the wonderful landscapes in the South East of England


Breathtaking Sussex coast

The best way to see the Sussex coast is from above. Only then can you see the breathtaking beauty of this famous coastline. The colours of the sea range from rich blues to greens striking colours against the jaw-dropping green and white cliffs. Whatever day you visit the coastline looks dramatic!

Take a look at the flight images on our site below to get an idea of the spectacular views you will see. However, we don’t think the images do the experience justice the helicopter ride in Brighton is multi-sensory the excitement as you board, the sound of the chopper blades, the feeling of soaring over the pier and the cliffs total exhilaration! 

Take a look at the variety of exciting routes we can offer:

The colourful sights of Brighton

Highlights of your helicopter ride in Brighton include:

✔ The Palace Pier
✔The British Airways i360
✔ The stunning South Downs
✔ The wreckage of the old pier
✔ Brighton Marina
✔ Taking some incredible photos to remember your helicopter ride


"Super cool thing to do. Birthday pressie for my wife so we took the kids along too"
Brighton Marina
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"You get to see all the sites like no others can, from the air!!!! Awesome!!! Highy recommend!"
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